Saturday, September 02, 2006


still alive

A couple things, since I don't have internet at home and almost everything is restricted on our crappy school district's internet filter.
*I'm sure the beach was fun. I thought of you all often.
*I also know about "improveverywhere" and there are a few other "flashmob"-type groups that do the same thing ... my friends and I here in San Antonio are trying to start some of the same things. Like, going into Borders or some cafe and like 5 of us sitting at different tables and our cell phones go off at same time and we have the same conversation but act like we don't notice and don't know each other. We have the script for that one, just haven't gotten everyone organized. Also, we are trying to develop plans to have someone spill coffee and then have the rest of us in "hazmat" or security suits come in with caution tape and rope off the area, start questioning people who saw it, etc. Of course all of this would be videotaped discreetly. Yes, we're dorks. That's why I fit in so well.
*Craig, I would definitely travel around the world with you, if I didn't have to teach annoying 9th and 11th graders all year. Seriously, I have been thinking a lot lately about going to live in another country in a few years and the Middle East/Asia is what is most on my mind right now ... so go for it! I would totally be in support and I admire you for actually DOING what I dream of and wish for.
*Yes, I know I sound like an after-school special
*One of my kids is writing a creation myth about how Chuck Norris created the world (his hair became the rivers--so far I only know that much). Just thought I'd share.
*I have survived two weeks of teaching, though I already want to quit. I'm hoping that subsides a little since I have more than a few weeks left in the year.
*I still miss you all ... 173 times over.


Got a chance!

Yeah, it seems every time I go to post here, something stops me. Well, here I am!

I am heading back to school today (Saturday). Should be there by 5, but then have to get all my moving done. That'll take a few days. As most of you know, I'll be moving into a house shared by about 9 other people, most of them involved with the improv/sketch troupes at Umass. So I don't anticipate moving to get accomplished quickly at all.

Couple that with the fact that I have to come home the following weekend, Thursday to Sunday. The day after classes start, I'll be leaving for home again! Which was practically unheard of at Etown; I never left. But I got LASIK Laser Eye Surgery done yesterday (part of why I didn't post was I couldn't wear contacts for a week, so sight was difficult), and I have to come home for a one week checkup.

I'm surprised you heard about ImprovEverywhere, Craig, I didn't realize they were that big. I have a friend who knows some of the guys involved (he is from NYC), and he always talked about them. Did you see their Best Buy stunt, where they all dressed just like workers? Apparently they caused quite the commotion among the Suits, because cops were called and all kinds of problems arose. Should be on their website, if you can check them out.

As for the video of Dave, you'd have to put the video onto YouTube or something to post it on the least, that's what Chris and Jake have always done when they post videos; used YouTube. You could always post the link if you saw it online, I guess.

My friend Danielle Barus, who went to my high school, started her freshman year at Etown, with a strong desire to join Mad Cow. After seeing them perform at Orientation, she sent me a message which said, "...I saw Mad Cow and they were AMAZING I want to join them soooooooo bad." I just think that's pretty cool.

Oh, and Jake, I invited my entire Facebook list to the group (and Danielle Barus joined AND you gave her an officer title - and you don't even know her!). I also sent an email to all of Student Valley Productions (Mission: Improvable, IWA, and Sketch 22) at Umass, asking them to help a fellow improv-er out and vote you up every day they can until the 6th. Hopefully most of them will; I'll let you know if I hear any comments from anyone. Congrats on making it to the top 5...the video was really good (definitely my favorite out of the 5, but I'm a sucker for candy personification).

Important News, if you kept reading this far: about 2 weeks ago I got a new cell phone, and with it a new number. Is posting it on here secure? Regardless, you can check out my Facebook profile for the new number. I think everyone who reads this can get it. My old one is out of service, so use the new number. Texts and phone calls are A-OK.

Which I hope to be receiving during Homecoming weekend! Which I will be at, hopefully Thursday night to Sunday afternoon. With my greatly reduced rent, I should be able to rent a car/train to get me there.

I think that's everything I could say for now, though I'll probably be able to post a lot more now that I'm returning to school, where I'll have the internet and more free time.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Hello, Ghost Town

This place has been pretty quiet, other than a lovely update from Craig. How are you guys doing? Mark, you back at school? Struls, how'd the move go? All settled in? Chris, you ready for our second-annual week one matchup? Erik, what are your feelings on Stallworth?

I'm heading home for some of the weekend to see family and to try and unglue myself from promoting this video contest. If you get a chance, post!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

I have two things you should check out.

The first is maybe one of the most awesome websites i have ever seen. It is a group in NYC that does awesome stuff and films it. You have to check out the "slo-mo home depot" video. the group is called Improv Everywhere. I would love to do the no pants on the subway gig here in Osaka or some thing!!

The other was Dave MacPherson giving a pretty funny speech, but i dunno how to put videos on this shizzle. But it was pretty funny and Dave is cool. I wanted to show you guys.

AAAAAAAAnyway. I am sad, i don't hear from you guys enough. Let me know how you guys are doing everynow and again. If you shoot me an email i promise i will respond quickly. Ispend most of my time at home wishing i had emails from my friends in the states. That and watching the Daily Show on motherload. I watch a good amout of atom films too... they are kinda fun.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


My video made the top 5!

Go vote for it, please! Thanks!

It's called "Rock Idol"

Tuesday, August 29, 2006



For the lack of posts. Here is my apology funny video:

Monday, August 28, 2006


This post is about Erik

Happy Birthday, Erik! Have Kate make TWO dinners for you on this special day!

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