Thursday, May 24, 2007


I once was lost but now am found

Hey guys.......its been too long since I have written anything on here, and well its really been too long since I have been able to see any of you or even talk to you. Sorry for the long hiatus but I was having a tough time with school and all, but I made it through my first year and hopefully now things will start to get slightly easier. I will be in St.Louis all summer for any of you who would like to come visit (Chris and Jake are coming out, and Steph I got ur message and I will be around that week you are driving so let me know exactly when u may be passing by the Lou). I am currently in Yardley tonight after driving back last week to attend Meghan's graduation. She is also living with me for the summer, which I am extremely excited about, because as Jake said its difficult when you date someone who doesnt live that close to you. Although she will be leaving me in the fall again ( She is going for her PhD in chemistry at Indiana University) this summer will be a nice break from the distance. I think that is about all that is really going on in my life, well that and I really think I am getting gayer everyday (I have been watching Gray's Anatomy and I get urges to listen to Justin Timberlake alot). Again I apologize for my abscence, but I am sure after having to read this you are all going to hope I dont post again for a couple more months. Hope everyone is doing well, oh and Craig I heard you made some innappropriate comments to Story and Tim about sexual positions in Japan, they seem pretty scarred by it. PEACE!!!!!!

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