Thursday, August 24, 2006


This post is not about Jake

But I did want to put his name in the subject, as he was kind enough to do so for me. I will be posting more tomorrow (I hope), including comments to old posts I missed. I'm sorry I have been AWOL recently...had some research stuff to do before school starts, and then my house lost the internet for a while since my brother plays "too much counterstrike" (Mom: 2006).

I will, as requested long ago, post about my life since I was unable to get to the beach, which I regret very much because this has been a stressful summer, and I could use the relaxation.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006


News from the other side of the world

congrats on catching the real killer... let that poor lil girl rest in peace. The coverage here is more about the American news coverage than about the actual case. It is weird. And what's going on with the new planets... there are like three planets that we just found. Insane. I can't really make out the news because it is in a stupid language (any language that isn't English is stupid).

Ok that's not what I wanted to write about so here is the real entry.
I won't be coming back to the states for a lil longer than I thought. That previous notion was created when I still had a girlfriend and there for someone waiting for me. Now that I am free I am... well... free. I may have told some of you this, but I am moving to Thailand after Japan. I have a place I can stay for a little while and I want to get a job washing elephants. That may sound weird, but it would be awesome to spend a day with elephants. I will travel all over that part of the world from there.

Then I will move again... this is more tentative... I am thinking Egypt. Jake will tell you how spellbounding it is, I'm sure. I wanna live there... The first great civilization. A great civilization so old that it is in the Bible... the beginning of the Bible. They deserve a good look. I would love to be a tour guide for one of the historical sights. If that falls through I can always wash camels. (I have used that joke quite a lot)

Well what do you think? Good idea... Bad idea? Anyone want to come join me?


Happy Birthday Jake

Um, see above.

Hope it's magically delicious!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


The Madden Meltdown -or- How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Mark Fleming

In the interest of giving this blog a shot in the arm, allow me to bore you with my current dilemma. I got Madden fever, baby, and the only cure is more Madden. Problem is, I don't want to spend the money to buy a copy. My roommate, the early-adopter that he is, picked up an xbox 360 a week or two ago. I haven't played the system much, but the siren song of hail mary has been singing to me ever since.

But my thriftiness has killed the idea of buying a game, at 60 bucks, no less, for a system I don't own. Add on the fact that I barely played madden 06 because that cone of vision thing sucked it hard and pissed me off.

I barely game these days, so when the urge hits, it hits hard. I was googling madden a few days ago and i found a youtube video that shows the game on the nintendo ds, and I think it looks pretty cool. Plus it's only 30 bucks.

Damn football game does this to me every year.

Monday, August 21, 2006



173 desks.

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