Wednesday, December 13, 2006


What's the haps, my friends?

So, umm, I was kinda thinking I haven't talked to anyone in awhile, and...

D-Do you guys still ...umm... like things?

Now that the awkwardness is over -- I've been starting to sell my photos recently -- it went really well! I think, all told, I sold about 20 prints! I am amazed and confused by the results, but happy none-the-less.

Totally looking forward to seeing you guys at Lindsay's -- riiiiight? Although I'm not all that sure how to get there...

Also...go EAGLES!

Edit: Forgot to mention -- you guys need to check out the online shorts for the new PBS KIDS series WORD GIRL -- it's done by Soup2Nuts, the Home Movies studio. You'll def. recognize some of the voices. click on the movie theater area.

Monday, December 11, 2006


E-mail and more

Yo Jake and Mark,
I got the following e-mail from Ashley K, who got it from Julie Strickland. She said she didn't have your e-mails or something:

Hello everyone!

For those of you who were not at the meeting last night, Michael Sevareid has announced that he has Stage IV cancer and will not be able to teach next semester.
I was hoping that we could all rally together and give him a token of our appreciation for a Christmas gift. I was thinking that each one of us could think of a memory we have of our time with Mike, and then I will type them out in all different fonts and colors and print them on fun paper and make a memory book. I have seen people receive these before and they are really special and it helps to read over them during times of hardship, like when he will be feeling really sick and depressed some days.

So what I need you to do is reply to this message and send me a short or long memory of Mike. It can be happy, sad, funny, dramatic, whatever you want!

Thank you so much everyone! Happy holidays!

Good luck on finals!
Julie Strickland
S&B Events Coordinator

"Chris! I know maybe you all didnt always get along with him... but could you pass this on to Mark and Jake and anyone else! Thanks!! Julie's email is ."

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Hey everyone

Read this book-length post or else you will be cursed 77 times 7.
First of all, thanks for the birthday wishes. I've been internetless for week or so, so I missed it until today. It means a lot to me that any of you would even think to wish me a happy birthday since I'm not all up in your face everyday anymore (or am I? ... watch your backs, fools).
Second of all, my boyfriend and I just saw the new christopher guest movie "For Your Consideration." I was a little worried because it was only playing in one theater in S.A. which I took to be an omen that it wouldn''t be good, but we were not to be deterred when we heard there was a new Guest movie out. While it's probably not my favorite, I thought it had many many classic hilarious moments and some more "hey, wha happened?" quotable moments as well. Has anyone else seen it?
Anyway, thought of you all while I was there ... um and then later when I had those dreams ... um, nevermind. Forget I said any of that.
I really want to try to make it to Linds' party; the only problem is that I fly in that night and don't get in until like 8 pm and that's to Baltimore. I'm trying to see if I can get up there anyway cuz I really really want to see you all!
And I'd love to come and crash the Strulson annual knitting extravaganza (insert "drunken" for "knitting" of course) on NY eve, but unfortunately I fly back to Texas on the 31st, so it looks like I'm gonna miss everything!!! Life sucks!
Okay, well I apologize for hiding in a cave; I've been wallowing in a "hate my job and everything else" phase. I hope to get out of it by picking up and moving to a random Asian country. Wait, that's been done before I believe.
Love you and miss you all ... I really hope I can see some of you over xmas/hanukah (that was for you Strulsy). If not, have a GREAT holiday.
--The Nickle (I like that one)

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