Saturday, September 02, 2006


still alive

A couple things, since I don't have internet at home and almost everything is restricted on our crappy school district's internet filter.
*I'm sure the beach was fun. I thought of you all often.
*I also know about "improveverywhere" and there are a few other "flashmob"-type groups that do the same thing ... my friends and I here in San Antonio are trying to start some of the same things. Like, going into Borders or some cafe and like 5 of us sitting at different tables and our cell phones go off at same time and we have the same conversation but act like we don't notice and don't know each other. We have the script for that one, just haven't gotten everyone organized. Also, we are trying to develop plans to have someone spill coffee and then have the rest of us in "hazmat" or security suits come in with caution tape and rope off the area, start questioning people who saw it, etc. Of course all of this would be videotaped discreetly. Yes, we're dorks. That's why I fit in so well.
*Craig, I would definitely travel around the world with you, if I didn't have to teach annoying 9th and 11th graders all year. Seriously, I have been thinking a lot lately about going to live in another country in a few years and the Middle East/Asia is what is most on my mind right now ... so go for it! I would totally be in support and I admire you for actually DOING what I dream of and wish for.
*Yes, I know I sound like an after-school special
*One of my kids is writing a creation myth about how Chuck Norris created the world (his hair became the rivers--so far I only know that much). Just thought I'd share.
*I have survived two weeks of teaching, though I already want to quit. I'm hoping that subsides a little since I have more than a few weeks left in the year.
*I still miss you all ... 173 times over.

good thing about teaching, steph? there will always be jobs. Even for us overpopulated social studies and english teachers. Don't feel bad about jetting the country for a year or two... when you come back you will still be needed. You may even be able to get a better school(i don't know your school, it could be awesome) since you have the amazing experience and resume booster under your belt!

Plus if it is a dream of yours...

I will speak on travels behalf... i am a better person because of this experience, and it has been the best 6 monthes of my life. I only look forward to what may come next!
Steph! So good to hear from you. What are you teaching, exactly? We all miss you and hope to see you in person sometime in the near future. :)
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