Friday, March 24, 2006


That was a dark cave

I made it out. I thought i told you guys to come in after me if i didn't post on this thing within the next three days. Well thanks for nothing. I had to use my ice jem to freeze the goblin king. Then i stole his magic lasso, roped the guardian bear and rode it back out of the cave. Now i am back to my computer and i can write to you guys again. Phew. I leave for Japan in 2 weeks! If anybody wants to get togeather i'm not doing anythin betwern April first till the 8th (when i am leaving). Untill then i will be playing this new awesome game called Settlers of Cattan, and staring at a picture of mark shaving (that sounds really gross... and it is). Well it is off to my horribly boring job... I wish i was a Goblin Slave again. That job had slave girls... hehe. Slave girls are easy, isn't that right strulson.


The New Cool Thing

Alright people, rememeber the old days of Risk and Middle Earth Risk. Well guess what I have a new board game that is 10 times better than Risk and 9 times better and 100 times less nerdy than Middle Earth Risk.

Game is called the Settlers of Catan. It is hard to describe but incredibly fun and addictive. You can download a free trial off of MSN to get an idea of how it works. I have a free version and a server that I can hook everyone up with so we could play each other and keep in contact.

Read the reviews on it. I have yet to meet someone that has played a game or two and doesn't want to play again.

Once you've given it a shot hit me up on IM and I'll set you up with instructions for getting the free game.

PS Chris why haven't you posted this girl's picture, specifically on your bed with my picture above the headboard. If you don't have a picture yet, I will send you one based on my opinion of her. It will either be me looking downwardly approvingly or me making fun of you to kill the mood (i.e. a picture of me making a shaving motion to mock your hairyness.)


Phillies Game

So Chris left me a message last night that he can't make it on 4/9, so I'm going to toss some dates out and we'll go from there. If we're getting (relatively) cheap seats, I don't mind putting them all on my credit card and you guys can give me money at the game.

4/8 -- versus LA, 3:05 pm
4/22 -- versus FLA, 7:05 pm (my favorite)
4/23 -- versus FLA, 1:35 pm

Hoping that April works for you guys -- Ebz, if you're up for it, maybe I can meet you in Etown and ride from there.

Give me a call or leave a comment -- I'll buy tickets as soon as I get word on a date.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Gettin' Some

Well, as I briefly announced during the fantasy baseball draft, I’ve kind of started seeing a young lady (she just turned 22, which makes her ancient by Strulson standards). Her name is Katie. I’m happy to announce that we met through a personals site. Yes, a personals site. She contacted me and seemed interesting, so we exchanged IM names, then it turned out that she goes to Rowan and works with a friend of mine.

So, alas, the Richman-can’t-get-any jokes may have to stop, since I’ve been getting PLENTY already, and hope it continues. That’s for you Erik…envision me getting some. I mean, at first Katie was a little weirded out when I asked to put a picture of you on the wall above her headboard, but now we’re both using it to curb our desires when things are getting to hot and heavy.

That was messed up. I don’t apologize though.

So anyway, the next time you see me, I will shine with a post-coital hue. Either that or I’ll fuck things up. Oh well, either way will end with a big mess on my hands.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


A Sign of Love

So tonight I was on the phone with Jake and we were having a normal conversation & in the middle of no where he says to me "Laurie, I have a pimple on my back - I need you."

I have no words.


To be young again

As some of you may have heard my gf, Meghan, turned 21 yesterday, and let me just say that I do not advise dating someone when they turn 21. First off on Monday night I had to go to the bar at midnight which is already an hour after my bedtime, not only that but the entire Bucknell Men's Basketball team was at the bar. Let me just say I have never felt so small since that one time Jake, Chris, Mark and I had a "sword" fight. This however was nothing compared to what I endured last night. Thats right after countless beers and 8 shots it was time for Meghan to start a nice 2 hour long puking session, mmmmmm. Now this may not have been so bad but she was also yelling at me for trying to help her (kids these days). It was not all bad though, the first thing she said to me when I went to help her in to the bathroom was " I am sorry your bracket isnt very good", and she would randomly just say chemistry stuff (that was kinda a turn on, however the puke was a turn off). I know most of us did not experience anything like this on our 21st birthday and I would just like to express that I am glad, because it looked downright painful. Anyways Just wanted to say whats up, and ask if anyone had thought about trying to get together again sometime cause I miss u guys. Wow I am getting all emotional, so I am gonna go change my tampon (yes my vag is sealed up) Later yo!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


For all us nerds

There is one swear word, but it's hard to hear. Final Fantasy video

Monday, March 20, 2006



First suggestion: 173 typists.


Football Predictions




Baseball draft tonight at 9:30!!! Don't forget!

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