Wednesday, April 12, 2006


173 extended version

I never check in in time on Mondays, so I'm just gonna type my response here. This is my first 173 submission, but you have to start somewhere.

173 dolphins walk into a bar and turn right back around. The bartenders like, "hey where are you going?" And the dolphin chief says, "we just feel like fish out of water." (I don't think dolphins really are fish)

173 Dolphins walk into a bar, get the numbers of some good-looking seals, and the bartender's like, "we don't serve dolphins here" and the dolphins say, "that's alright man. We're FINished anyway."

173 easter eggs walk into a bar and the bartender's says "we dont' serve easter eggs here ... and if you ever come back I swear to God we will hunt you down and find every last one of you."

173 guitars walk into a bar and start hitting on a group of ladies. WHen the ladies leave, the guitars area ll like, "what? I thought we really struck a chord with them!"

Next time maybe I'll do it right and post in the string of comments on Monday.



Dudes and dudettes,
Remember when we went to Wildwood last year? Remember how Erik and Kate had to get "married" and couldn't go? WELL, this year they probably can!
Bottom line: I'm trying to book a weekend for the Richman place to be open to all my friends. I was thinking early June, but it really depends on when everyone is free, since people will be coming from far and wide. I'm also going to send an e-mail to those who don't regurlarly check ze blog, but give me at least your initial reactions.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Freakazoid is back!!!

What do you know, AOL is useful. They are airing old episodes of Freakazoid, Batman, Pinky and the Brain and more for free.

google search: In2TV

BTW Plan sounds good Jake


Phillies Tickets

Erik and Chris --

I bought our tickets for the game -- true nosebleeders -- it was 15.00 a pop, plus 3.00 service charge (bullshit). So it's 18.00 a piece. If you can have it for me that weekend, that would be wonderful. They were internet printouts, so we won't have to stop at will call or anything.

The game is 4/22 at 7:05 pm. We're in section 430, row 15, right next to the cumulus clouds. It's the third base side of the park, because Chris thinks David Bell is cute.

The current plan is for me and Laurie to drive to Erik's friday night, stay over there (actually Laurie might go visit her grandma closeby for the night), then head out Saturday and hang out with you, Chris, whenever you're around. Then head to the game that night, then maybe stay over at Chris' house, then head back Sunday morning. Does that work for everyone?

Monday, April 10, 2006


Not to interrupt...

But I totally got listed on Boing Boing this morning for a little creative project Laurie and I did this weekend:

She is so embarassed. It's nerdy and awesome all wrapped up in a neat little package.

If you've never heard of Boing Boing, it's pretty popular. How popular? Well, that Yoda pic will probably get clicked on over 1,000 times by the end of the day. Now that, my friends, is nerdy.



I won't be able to check this much today, but...

Let's start with dolphins.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Lose some weight


that is all

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