Friday, December 30, 2005


The final countdown!

Man, lots of activity here the past few days. Good ol' holidays.

I was watching season 2 of Arrested Development which I got for Christmas (5/5 eggnogs, by the way), and I noticed a line there's no chance I'd have noticed before.

The episode "Amigos," where the family leaves Ann in Mexico, Buster sneaks into the trunk of the car, thinking he'll avoid service by going abroad. But he gets out when they drop Lupe off at her home, and he thinks he's in Mexico.

He notices one of the Latino children in Lupe's house, and says "I used to have a shirt just like that." Ron Howard says, "In fact, it was his shirt."

Then he notices one of those big hand chairs and says "I used to have one of these in my room. I wonder where it is." And Ron Howard says, "It was right there."

Then Buster says, "Who knew I could miss a hand so much?"

I mean, is that the most subtle foreshadowing ever!? I nearly died laughing. Though the TV fell into the tub at that exact moment, so that may have had something to do with it.

I hope that's not something everyone else caught on to a long time ago...

So New Years is at Yardley? Can someone fill me in with the details of time and place?

Meanwhile, isn't this "teh kewlest!!!1" thing you've seen?

If not, this is:

Thursday, December 29, 2005



I hate getting my haircut. Read all about it


Selling out

I think we should start selling ads via our blog. Then the world will be ours.

I came across an audition notice for people to work at the Camden aquarium:

Guest Experience Agents will perform scheduled and impromptu shows, skits and guest interactions that are memorable and engaging. These performances will be themed through the use of scripts, costumes (some mascot work), props and staging and take place both inside and outside of the Aquarium.

I think I'd play a bitchin' hippo, don't you?


With great power comes great ridiculousness.

By day she is your average event planner, but by night, she's a crime-fighting vixen in a mask and a sweater! THWIP

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Happier News

Word around town this week is that Showtime is in talks with "Arrested Development" producers 20th Century Fox TV and Imagine TV about picking up the comedy from creator/executive producer Mitch Hurwitz says The Hollywood Reporter.

Sources stressed that the talks are still exploratory and that it would be a big financial commitment on Showtime's part to pick up the show in its current form with a large ensemble cast that includes Jason Bateman, Jeffrey Tambor, Portia de Rossi, Jessica Walter and Will Arnett.

"Arrested" was an instant hit with critics following its debut on Fox in late 2003, but the show never could pull in much of a crowd during its run on Fox Broadcasting Co., even after it won the Emmy for best comedy series in 2004. Last month, Fox threw in the towel, cutting its episode order for "Arrested's" third season from its initial 22-episode ticket to 13.


It's Official...What everyone already knew. Sigh getting depressed again

NEW YORK (AP) -- Comedian Mitch Hedberg died accidentally in March of "multiple drug toxicity," including cocaine and heroin, Spin magazine reports, citing reports filed by the New Jersey medical examiner's office.

The medical examiner's findings were filed in May, according to an article in the January issue of Spin about the convergence of comedy and rock 'n' roll.

Hedberg, 37, died in a hotel room in Livingston, New Jersey, while on a club tour performing standup. The comedian, who was born with a heart defect, was initially believed to have died from heart failure.

He had struggled with drugs and alcohol, and took a hiatus from performing for several months after a May 2003 arrest in Austin, Texas, for felony possession of heroin.

In the Spin article, Maureen Taran, a comedy manager who knew Hedberg, is quoted as saying that life on the road is difficult for a struggling comedian.

"It's a very lonely existence," Taran says. "If you aren't born with manic-depression, you will have it after being in this business."

A hit on "The Late Show With David Letterman," on which he appeared 10 times, and "The Howard Stern Show," Hedberg once was dubbed "the next Seinfeld" by Time magazine. But TV-series fame eluded him because his unique style of mumbled one-liners didn't lend itself to the sitcom format.

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, Hedberg rose through the ranks at Minneapolis' Acme Comedy Co. and caught his big break through a Comedy Central special. He had a role in the film "Almost Famous" -- smoking fake pot with Peter Frampton -- and appeared on Fox's hit series "That '70s Show."

Hedberg had two popular comedy CDs, "Strategic Grill Locations" and "Mitch All Together."

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Slow day

Alright, so here in the working world, this is a slow week. Most everyone with more than a handful of vacation days are taking this time off, so there's a grand total of three people on my corner of the floor.

So, in an attempt to make the hours pass more rapidly, I'm going to rate my Christmas gifts on a scale of 1 eggnogs (being grinchiest) to 5 eggnogs (being...rudolphiest?). Here goes nothing:

1 Target floor lamp (with shelving)

With great age comes great responsibility, or something like that -- as I get older, my presents grow more and more practical. What was once a remote control truck is now a toaster, and so forth. My mom, upon seeing the less than ample lighting in my apartment bedroom, decided to provide some illumination with a stylish floor lamp. What it lacks in flashiness it makes up for in function. 3/5 eggnogs (thanks mom and dad!)

1 toaster (from oster)
I wasn't lying about the toaster. It toasts. Or at least I suppose it does -- I haven't plugged it in yet. But it is quite shiney. A for the effort, 3/5 eggnogs. (thanks mom and dad!)

1 Postal Service cd
I actually bought this for myself around a year ago, but lost it somehow and have been too cheap to replace it. I blamed my sister for losing it, but to this day she swears she's never even heard of the band (likely story, sis!) I listened to it on the drive back home, so for that convenience alone, 5/5 eggnogs (thanks mom and dad, no thanks sis)

1 box of lifesaver candies in storybook form

Ok, so my aunt gets this for me every year. I can't really rag on it, it's sweet in a double-meaning kind of way. But sometimes they toss the weirdest flavors in there. Sour butternut crunch? For that, lifesavers, you are demoted! 1/5 eggnogs (thanks Aunt Jan!)

1 darth tater

I am the proud owner of a darth tater -- correct -- it is a mr. potato head dressed like the lord of the dark side. Sell your stocks, marketing has officially ruined the world. But in truth, darth tater is so much cooler than the actually darth vader at this point that I can't help but be psyched. Plus, his ass opens up to store the leftover pieces. That earns a bonus eggnog. 4/5 eggnogs. (thanks Jesse!)

1 tshirt from times square, new york

My sister bought each member of my family a tshirt from New York, birthplace of the 99 cent tshirt. But I love it for its humble beginnings, and for the fact that smells slightly like an unwashed hotdog cart on avenue of the Americas. 4/5 eggnogs (thanks Sis!)

And finally...

1 frisbee golf disc from the Allentown disc golf championships, complete with artistic amish man

Most unique, creepy, wonderful, personal and fascinating gift I received. I am astounded that it exists, and even more astounded that it now hangs in my apartment. Since it is also number 170 out of 172 in a limited supply, I may someday profit from its collector status. In short, BEST GIFT EVER. 5/5 eggnogs, plus an extra shot of rum. (thanks Laurie!)

Well, that about wraps (lol) it up. It's not a complete list, and I forgot to mention the totally awesome dartboard (5 eggnogs) and the toothpaste (1 eggnog), but still a plentiful holiday with loads to be thankful for. I hope my own gifts were as well received the above.

I made this extra long so I didn't have to look at Chris in his boxers any longer. Put that yule log away for once.

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