Sunday, April 29, 2007


Nepal ikimasu

Ok guys, I am on my way to Nepal. I will be spending the next few days riding on elephants and in canoes on safari. Wish me luck. I am sure i will have a great time but here are a few things I need to beware of:

1) Elephants can kill me easily if i piss them off.
2) Crocodiles can also kill me
3) Malaria
4) That weird bug that swims up your pee and eats your urethra
5) There are Leeches that jump out of trees!!
6) Tigers
7) Maoist insurgents that want to kill me for my money

6 dangers is the maximum for a vacation... 7 officially make it an adventure!

0nly 2 monthes until i come home! Chris you are top of my list to come see... lets try and do something with Rudd. Jake if you can spare the trip it'd be awesome to see you too... and the Eberzeses too!

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