Friday, August 11, 2006


Want to feel like a kid again

I recently re-descovered what it was like to be in total awe of something. I want to share it with you because having your mind blown away by a simple picture is a perspective rarely experienced. I used to go to this website often so i know Jake has seen it. Maybe everybody has seen it. But look again.

I spent a few hours on this last night looking at pictures and reading the short captions. If you want to feel insignificant search for the "Hubble Ultra Deep Field" or just "deep field." You gain appritiation of how small you are in the universe. If you believe in God or not, there is evidence for both arguments in these pictures.

Check out the Archive and let me know if you find something cool... and check out the picture for your birthday. My pic is a pretty cool shot of the clouds on Jupiter.

Thats three posts in a row for me... sorry i am hogging all the bandwith.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


another thing

I had a huge break today and i rented Atlantis. It was pretty good. So i wonder, what is your favorite Disney movie? I'm talking the for real disney movies, not the computer generated stuff. And why not, who is the hottest Disney babe.
to ease the tension of picking out what cartoon is the most attractive, cause i know that is weird. I will go first.

Best movie: Oliver and Company. You know, Oliver Twist... but with animals in New York City. It has action, it has cute animals... it has Billy Joel! Also, Cheech Merin plays a Chiuaua(how do you spell that?) that falls in love with a show dog (Bette Midler).

Best Babe: Ariel... the version with legs and a voice, but she was quite charming when she didn't talk either. And Kiss the Girl is the best song in the Disney Catalogue. It helps when you have the "best song" singing about I want to kiss you.

Well now i am a nerd.. who will be brave enough to join my ranks of nerddom

Mark? Erik?


I am kind of an alcoholic

I wish i was an Alchemist.. that would be fun, i take your junk and turn it into gold. Merlin was one, and they also make good villians for kids cartoons like Ducktails, or Tailspin (which i would still watch today, if they were on). Maybe i could make a lil profit in the deal too.
However, this week i have turned ito an alcoholic. I have gone out everyday since last thursday and gotten drunk, and I have to go out for atleast the next three nights. The strange thing is, if i did this in America, i would be destroyed by stomach aches and fear of stomach aches (which then lead to stomach aches). But in Japan i am not just ok... but i am good at it. Everywhere I go i will meet someone or someones new and they will take me out the next night. I take part in all of the drunken shinanigans that the japanese respect (karaoke, arm wrestling, chuging fruity drinks). In America i am a weak drinker, in Japan i am outlasting seasoned drinkers. Just imagine the possibilites if drinkers like Strulson and Chris came out, i am not saying they are particularly strong drinkers, but i think the costumes would be a big hit. Mark might even be able to outlast someone. ... might.
They make the drinks pretty weak here but it gets the job done. If you want a super happy drunkness, drink Sake. The beer is more crisp, mostly due to the fact that it is a small country so the beer is usually fresh and not packaged so it can be shipped and stored for long times. One of my favorite liquors is a green tea liquor. I will bring some back to try. I also had my friend import some captain morgan and introduced captain and ginger to Japan... it is a big hit, and it is called the Craig.
So far my teaching hasn't been effected, it might even be better. The guilt i have from going out on a work night is compensated by a strongly prepared lesson.
Tonight i am not staying out long but i met some guys from Tokyo and i want to hang out with them before they head back, they said if i go to Tokyo i should call them and they will take me to this super famous... super expensive bar. Like Cyote Ugly, but with out the cheasy, trite story line.

This posts sucks... maybe i should drink while i blog.

Kampai! (cheers)

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Football Predictions

So we're at the shore, and we've been making predictions about the upcoming football season.

Chris says the NFC East will shake out as: Cowboys (11-5), Eagles (9-7) Giants (8-8), and Redskins (6-10).
Strulson: Eagles (11-5), Redskins (9-7), Cowboys (7-9), Giants (5-11).
Erik: Eagles 11-5, Cowboys 10-6, Redskins 8-8, Giants 7-9
Jake: Redskins 10-6, Eagles 10-6, Cowboys 8-8, Giants 4-12
Kate: Cowboys 10-6, Eagles 9-7, Giants, 9-7, Redskins 7-9

NFC Winner: Jake- Seattle/Eagles with Seattle winning, Erik- Carlina/Eagles with the Eagles winning, Strulson- Eagles/Cardinals with Eagles winning, Chris- Carolina/Tampa Bay with Carolina winning

AFC- Strulson: Dolphins, Chris: Colts, Erik: Steelers, Jake: Bengals

Superbowl: Jake: Bengals Strulson: Dolphins Erik: Eagles Chris: Colts

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