Thursday, May 11, 2006


I wish I was Jake

If I were Jake, I could take cool photos and know lots of photo stuff too.

I love photography, and I love video making/editting. But I don't do any of that. Why don't I do any of that? Because I'm lame.

But to make myself feel better about all that, I will be posting pictures. And maybe telling a few tales; spinning a few yarns, if you will. And if you won't, I'll do it for you. Which is what I was planning on anyway.

What the hell am I saying? I'm on too much Benodryl right now. Did you know there's pollen in Taxachusetts? I didn't. Until now. When it all invaded my apartment.

First off, I get revenge for Jake posting a Freshman year photo of me:

Next, this is a cookie that looks like the Millenium Falcon:

Mission: Improvable said farewell to their seniors last Saturday, and each got 20 seconds (or more) to say goodbye however they chose. Tyler, a wild and crazy guy, made a dramatic speech to swelling background music, about how he wore the EXACT SAME torn jeans in (nearly) every single Mission show he ever performed in. He then led the audience outside as he juggled flaming torches and said his pants:

The girl on the left is Stefanie. She's from Mt Holyoke (you can call her MoHo and it's ok!). She's also very cool, mostly because she's from Jersey, and because she thinks she can do a gansta walk:

And lastly, a flashback picture I enjoy looking at during a long and lonely archaeology night:

More pictures may come one day. Or I may do something with my own blog I want to start, but find everything I say more or less uninteresting and/or self-serving. I want to use it to keep writing over the summer though, to try and stay inspired for Sketch. Our final show is tomorrow night, I have a sketch in it about saving Abraham Lincoln.

History rulz!


Humidity must be destroyed!

I found this fascinating, and judging from the fact that I've posted like 3 times in a row, I'm probably the only one.


So remember...

that episode of scrubs where Colin Hay sings Overkill at the beginning while walking around with a guitar following JD?

That was awesome.

Here's a link to more of those moments:

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


New Photo Technique

Hi everyone -- wanted to share a new photo technique I tried out last weekend -- it's called High Dynamic Range imaging, or HDR. You take 5 different exposures of a photo and combine them to represent all the values of light originally there.

Why is this important?

Because cameras can only see a certain range of light, often you'll lose something in exchange for keeping the subject properly exposed. An example would be: taking a photo inside the house, but the windows appear all white from the bright sun.

With HDR, you could properly expose for both the interior of the house and the sun outside.

I used this technique (in an incredibly amateur way) to capture the scene below:

skyline drive hdr sunset

It might not be the best example, but in this picture, keeping the sun from being too bright while still keeping the trees somewhat lit is difficult. By combining exposures, I was able to do both!

And that's today's photo lesson.


belated ... everything.

173 Mark Flemings walk into a bar and 346 women walk out with them. His trick? For 173 of them, his comic book knowledge; for the other 173 of them, his little brothers; for all of them, his charm and good looks! Happy Belated Birthday Mark!

173 Steph Grossnickles walk into a bar. It's a normal day.

Okay really ... 173 Steph Grossnickles walk into a bar and get a job teaching English at a high school near San Antonio! The 173 Steph Grossnickles are freaked out her students will destroy her, but excited to make more than 2-digit figures a month.

Also, 173 Steph Grossnickles walk into a bar and attempt to make a joke, but bartender says, "sorry bars closed; should have checked the blog earlier today." As always.

That was my way of saying Happy Bday Mark, I got a job for next year, and as always I'm late in the game on posting.

Monday, May 08, 2006


meet the parents.

I know it has been ages since any of you have heard from me, so I thought I would shock you all and post a little something. I've had a crazy depressing winter so I think I'll just tell you a funny story.
I've been dating this guy that I work with for about a month and things are getting to be pretty serious so I decided to take him home to meet my parents. My dad is normally a really quiet guy who doesn't really engage or initiate any conversation, but lately has been exhibiting characteristics of a midlife crisis. My mom is usually the one I have to worry about; telling embarassing stories, or asking a lot of uncomfortable questions.
So Ryan and I decided to go to the Inner harbor in Baltimore first and then stop by my parents house for dinner. When we got to my house everything was going really well until my dad disappeared and came downstairs carrying about an 8 foot long green horn. I had never seen anything like it in my life. My dad told Ryan that it's called a "diggery doo" (look it up it really exists) and it was played by aboriginal people in Australia. Then my dad demonstrated how to play it (which I'm pretty sure he was doing wrong) and it made this awful noise which terrified the dog, myself and Ryan.
Now my dad is a little strange I must admit, but this was really out of character for him, and very embarassing for me! I'm not sure, but I think it was some sort of test to see how Ryan would react. Luckily he took it all really well, and now he gives me a hard time about.
So tell me I'm not alone and share an embarrassing story about bringing your significant other home to meet the rents.



Good morning, blokes!

173 peanuts.

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