Friday, June 23, 2006


Baseball names

These new team names are killing me. In case you're not in the league or haven't checked it, the newest trend is to rename teams to reflect gay affection for a player. Here are the names so far:

Way Gay for Jay Bay
Arod in the Butt
Homo fo slo mo ho
I got a Johnson and this dick is for Nick
Man Whore For Sizemore
Hot Carl for Crawford
I am a Homosexual and I like dudes named Troy Glaus
Johan(d) is on my lap, and I love it.
Livan the lights while you do me.
Love the cock of Hank Blalock
Thome's bologna homey
Jenk me off
Pedro's man ho
Big Fag for Bill Wag
Pants off 4 jim thome
G i am bi for giambi
Myer's Donkey Punching Bag

Thursday, June 22, 2006



I knew my 1024+ hours of internet trolling would eventually payoff:

Now I need to convince people that we should get cable with Comedy Central...


Personality Test

If you've ever wondered to yourself whether you're a Richman or a Strulson, here's the test to finally figure it out. Put a check next to each one you identify and then tally your results to see whether you qualify as a Strulson or a Richman.

Strulson Richman
Likes Angels in the Outfield Likes Angels in America
Can throw a football far Writes fantasy updates about throwing footballs
Girls think he's cute Chris Richman
Boos Bobby Abreu Boobs, body’s abrasive
Digs chemistry Digs himself holes in conversation
Girls like him Him: Girl-like
Reads science magazines Reads everything else
Reformed man whore Once slept with a whore who was a man
Thinks theater is gay Has played a gay in theater
Silly drunk ""
Punches alarm clocks Punches Pinatas
Likes man-hugs Doesn't

Feel free to add to the list.


My first Japanese porn

Ok look, I'm sorry. If this blog was trying to be family friendly this might be a little extreem. Plus, I am dying of lonliness, and none of you email me or comment on my webpage so now you get the naughtiness here. If it helps i couldn't even watch 30 seconds of it. I rented a porn. C'mon I think i did pretty well for being alone in a country with no girlfriend and no internet. And every girl on the streets is a 6 or higher and everygirl on TV is a straight 10.
Well i can't read japanese so the dvd i picked out ended up raising some questions?
A couple of questions:
1) Who watches this stuff?
2) Who was that poor man getting his sack stomped on?
3) Is he ok now?
4) Does he need some ice?
5) How did he find out he likes getting his sack stomped on? Did he take a wrong turn in his house and walk into the back of the couch sendong a sharp tang of delight up his spine?
6)What was the (incredibly cute before the stomping, incredibly scary after the stomping) girl shouting at the poor man?
As i am the only witness i will take a guess: " I hate all men and i am taking out said hatred on you. With my heel!"
7) What did the person that checked out my selection think about me when i handed them that DVD?

I am sorry

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Corn on the cob.

Dear god.


Britney Spears

Pretty funny video with Britney Spears:


Beach Weekend Request

Somehow, someway...we need to bring Pokemon Stadium to the beach weekend. My need to sit back, drink beer and become the minigames master has gone unquenced for far too long.

Don't make me go to ebay people -- I've been known to buy old video games online when the urge hits me.

Just to get you pumped:

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Phillies Game Redux

Ok, so we left the Phillies discussion out for awhile now -- are we planning to use the rain delay tickets on the 30th still? They're good anytime between then and now, so what works for everyone?

If we can't figure out a date, I guess we can just split and go at our leisure, although that kind of sucks.

Laurie probably won't be able to use her ticket, either, now, so if someone else wants in, lemme know.


Photo work

Since I started taking pictures every week this year, I've had a lot of images I'm personally proud of, but not too many that have recieved praise from my online buddies on flickr, my photo sharing site.

Until this week. I was at home for a family reunion and my mom suggested we wake up early to check out a balloon launch at a nearby county park. The planets must have been aligned or something because I agreed. Near the end of the launch, one balloon in particular was having a bit of trouble getting off the ground, so I snuck underneath and grabbed this shot:

basket case

Hope you guys like it. Oh, and I know we're all manly men and all that, but in all seriousness, if anyone wants a print of any of my photos, just let me know the size, etc and I'll find a good deal. It benefits me to to do it because otherwise I never really print my work, so I love to see them actually put on paper.


If I had tear ducts...

I'd still cry about Arrested Development. Here are two interesting videos:

David Cross sounding off about shitty ratings.

Secret Surprise.

Monday, June 19, 2006



173 Hairnets.

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