Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Matt Strulson's Update

Since Matty's been too busy to chime in, I'm taking the liberty of updating for him.

Yo! Chemistry rules! I dont hate it! Yo fatty, way to get married! Go Phils!

Sunday, May 13, 2007



Craig requested separate posts, so here it goes.
I too loved reading everyone's updates. In 12 school days, I will have officially made it through one year of teaching. I'm not sure teaching high school is for me (by that I mean right now I hate it), but I went ahead and signed my contract for another year to see how I feel after next year. Right now I'm looking forward to summer like never before.
I'm still in San Antonio, living in my own apartment (garage) with a big boxer outside my door who likes to break through my door when it rains and dirty up my whole apartment ... yeah it's luxurious. Really I can't complain because it is pretty cheap and I'm not tied down to a lease, meaning I can leave whenever I want.
Living alone is a bit too lonely for me, so I'm exploring some other options for next year like moving in with different friends, but am also too lazy to pack everything up and move again.
I bought a new used car so I can get around without wondering when it will blow up. I'll be driving that car back home in a few weeks to go to my brother's wedding and then stay for a while. I would love to stop by and see all of you at some point. I'll probably give you a call or email you closer to the time.
I am still with Jim. We are not quite at your stage Laura (no house or diamond), but we are at a stage where we are both considering grad school more seriously and are therefore considering how that is going to effect the other.
I would love to go to grad school in the next few years even though I'm not close to paying off the first go round, but I'm not sure .... I'm thinking I might wait another 2 years or so ... but then everyday on the way to school I want so badly to quit and apply to school. I guess we'll see.
I'm always glad to hear how everyone is doing -- I still love you all!

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