Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Setup Help

Dude and dudettes,
I have a joke that keeps getting rejected as "Not quite there" by this collegehumor thing. The joke in its original form was:

One of these porno films will never be made. Can you guess which one?
A) Backyard Babes VI
B) Cheerleader Sleepover, Pillow Fight, and Naughty-Time Jamboree
C) My Sister's Hot Mom

The dude likes the punchline, but not the setup. I changed it to: One of these is not like the other and Spot the Fake. He says they're both close. Any ideas for a better setup?

Monday, April 09, 2007


thank god you're here

What do people think about the new nbc improv show "thank god you're here?" I haven't seen it ... I'm out tonight but actually taping it because it looks like something I'd like.
What do ya'll think?

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