Friday, January 12, 2007


I miss you guys

I miss you guys so much. I haven't been on here to check things out in so long, but I actually made my way here today and wanted to check in. I'm also very excited about the game and will be watching it with my roommate!! Ryan may actually let me cheer out loud. He usually gives me dirty looks (he's a steelers fan. BOOOOO). Don't tell him I said that, he'll be so mad at me. I have had some fun rubbing in the fact that they had a terrible season. He is desperately trying to convert me to the dark side, but I'm resisting!!
I do hope everyone had a great New Year's.


A New Post to Shock and Thrill You

SO, my friends, somewhat quiet this week so I'm taking a very special piece of my lunch hour to talk to you about a film I enjoyed recently. It's called Children of Men, and it's very cool. It features a futuristic plot where all women are barren and, in turn, civilization begins to collapse. Laughs a minute! In all seriousness, it is a very excellent film, directed by the dude who did Harry Potter 3, my most favorite of the Potters (because it features time travel by replacing the flux capacitor with an hourglass and special magiks).

I took Laurie to see it by promising that Will Ferrel makes a cameo appearance, which is entirely untrue but it did get her into the theater.

Also -- very excited for the Eagles game this weekend -- I will actually be watching the game with others, rather than typing WOOOO very often with Strulson on instant messanger (not that I didn't enjoy fact, I think we bonded a little.)

This concludes my message -- until next post, may the surprisingly warm winds of January warm your hearts and ruin your local ski lodge economy.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007



Okay boys. She asked for it, now she gets it:

173 go-carts.

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