Tuesday, February 27, 2007


new news

I know this is going to sound strange, because i complained about everything over the winter. That was because it was the winter and i was cold (i didn't use my heater to save money) and lonely (all my friends moved to Tokyo). Well i extended my contract until June. So i will be staying about two months longer. There were three teachers leaving on the same week for my area and they couldn't replace us all. So i said i would stay for the following reasons:
1) I have a girlfriend and new friends now... these people are going to show me around to all the fun places that i may have missed.
2) It is the spring time... in Japan the spring time is very beautiful, with many festivals and the cherry blossoms blooming. Also, i get a week off of work for a huge holiday called Golden Week.
3) I have alot of money... it is amazing how in just one winter of hermitage (sp?) you can save a buttload of cash. All thanks to free online video games and dollar movie rentals (RIP).
4) because i am saving GEOS they are giving me a full years of Paid Sick days +1. So on my last working day at GEOS they will pay me (upfront) for 11 working days. Plus, they are sponsering my Visa for another year. So on my way back from China I can stay with Dave for a lil bit... or i can comeback no problem this year.

Monday, February 26, 2007


Finally Some Free Time

I know everyone's really busy, but I just thought I'd send a quick update about things in my life. I finally have some free time- finished up my licensure classes, and my girls just finished up their championship indoor game (sadly they lost). I have about a moth before things start to get crazy again. Track starts the first week in April so I'll have little free time.
I just got back from a conference in Georgia. I thought I was going to start preparing for the new international baccalaureate program. However, somewhere there was a miscommunication and I find myself thrown into a leadership position in the building that I'm not sure I'm qualified for. I'm not even tenured until the end of this school year! As a third year teacher I'm concerned about telling seasoned teachers what to do. Who would listen to me?
Other new things in my life...my sister is engaged. I had a moment of jealousy when I heard the news. As the oldest sister, I just always thought I would be first. Ryan and I aren't quite there yet, but things are going really well. We're going to Myrtle beach in two weeks for spring break. I was concerned about my sister at first(he's 36 years old, the manager of coldstone, and he's divorced) but, her fiance is a great guy and I've really gotten to like him a lot. He's hilarious.
That's all for now. I hope you all are doing well!




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