Saturday, April 01, 2006


All In a Spring Day

So this week showed the first signs of spring down here in Virginia with the sun shining and it hit about 75 degrees on Thursday and Friday. I broke out the capris (which are like regular pants on a short person like me) and sandals. I had such spring fever for the past 3 weeks, as every morning no matter how cold it was out and how much I would freeze I refused to wear a sweater or a heavy winter coat. It got to the point where I just wanted to throw my socks and shoes out the window and run barefoot to work. (No, not really because it's about 7 miles to get to work and my feet would hurt by the time I got there).

Anyways, back to my story on one particular spring day. Since we have finally hit a point at the expo center when we don't have an event every waking minute in the building, we actually have breathing room for the next couple of weeks. I work in an office of 9 people. With the ratio of men to women being 2:1. So all the guys decided to take the full day on Thursday to go out and enjoy the beautiful warm, sunny day by doing only what men do best while "working" outdoors - they went golfing and left the lone 3 women in the office to hold down the fort. Well, let me tell you I didn't mind it so much and got tons of work done because it was so quiet. But then my two co-workers went out to lunch to enjoy the weather and shop leaving me in the building. Still I didn't mind. But half way through the day as I sat in my windowless office (yes, I'm not important enough for a window just yet) a short story I read in junior high came back to me.

If you never read "All in a Summer Day" by Ray Bradbury, I reccommend it. (Just in case you have time I found it online - it's a short story so even Strulson can ignore his ADD to read it). Anyways, I slowly started to feel like Margot - stuck inside and not able to see the sunshine while everyone else was out enjoying it - it was such a strange feeling.

But you know what - in the end when they let me out of my windowless office I had a ton of work completed and my boss gave me a day at the spa next week. So now I will be able to run to work barefoot with perfectly pedicured toes.

Friday, March 31, 2006


Wha Happened?

I leave the blog world for just a few weeks and return to find the world completely changed, turned upside down. Laurie is a year older (Happy Birthday!). Craig is returning to his father land (yes he's asian-american, people. if you don't see it, you're just ignorant.) Strulson is dealing with drunk puke that is not his own. Jake cannot pop his own back-pimples. Erik's face is wide enough to actually be seen on a headboard. Mark is apologizing for a list of sins I have no interest in and Chris is seeing a woman taller than him. Okay, maybe not EVERYTHING is as crazy as I thought.
LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU!!! (I feel like I always write that, yet I'm not gonna stop!)

Thursday, March 30, 2006



So I stumbled across this site, which has a whole bunch of porn spin-offs of major movies. The only problem is, I wrote a sketch back in the day called "Big Willie Style" that was all Shakespeare porn take-offs, and most of them are in this list. Guess I wasn't the only one who could come up with them :(

My favorites are: "Oh Brother, Who Fuck Thou?" "Porn on the 4th of July," "Moulin Splooge," "Mating for Guffman," "Interview with a Vibrator," Indepoondence Day" "ET: The Extra Testicle," "Beetle's Juice" "The Great Muppet Raper" "Three Men and Some Gravy," and "Who Reamed Roger Rabbit." There are plenty more, so it's worth checking out.

Also, I have reached a new high in my writing career, getting linked on a website called PoopReport. It's my ice fecal matter one again, but it's still cool.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Something needs to be said...

Hey guys,

Just a quick list of sorries.

1) Sorry about the connection troubles during the baseball draft. I was at home for Spring Break, and hijacking the neighbor's wireless connection, which occationally has jumps in connection, but has never kicked me off AIM. Unfortunately, the chat room couldn't handle those jumps. Thanks for putting up with me.

2) Sorry I missed 173. I got back to my apartment, and haven't had internet access until I got Comcast to come out to the apartment building and restore it. I wasn't able to get to a computer most of Monday.

3) Sorry, but April is probably not going to work for a Phillies game. While I really *really* want to go, the 21st is my long-form Improv debut, so I can't get home that weekend, and Lindsey is coming here the last weekend in April. If this changes, I'll let you know, but don't count me into a ticket count or anything (though Jake is awesome for offering). If another opportunity presents itself, I'm definitely down for that.

4) Sorry for letting you all know about that so late.

5) There is no number five.

6) This isn't a sorry, but Settlers of Catan rocks. I am going to look into Erik's post about playing it on the computer.

7) Happy birthday Laurie!

8) Sorry for being a massive tool.

Ok, I think I've attoned for everything. AA will be happy.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I both love and hate this...

But I remember it well...

Monday, March 27, 2006



It's Laurie's Bday...leave her a message.


Baseball and 173

Alrighty, so Strulson is out, but I'm still down for the game. Chris and Erik, you guys still wanna go? The offer to arrange tickets still stands.

Struls, what weekend are you free so we can get together? If I remember right, you were cap'n mopey to begin with, so let's get something goin'.

Oh, and the first word is: Kool- Aid Man.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Dog Dog!


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