Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Erik and Kate Update

Ok I feel bad I haven't even been to the site for a few weeks let alone even post a comment. I want to stay connected with everyone so an update is neccessary. So here it is some good news some bad news and some random musings.

Actually first thing responses to other posts.
Craig you'll love China, I would have had you hook up with my brother but he's actually in the states for the next few months.

The spiderman trailer is no longer on the NBC site. I found something on YouTube that was mostly him fighting Harry. Is this the most current one? Only a quarter second of Venom, but at least they put him in. Movie would have sucked as the triology conclusion with the Sandman as the main villian. ZZZZ. Not sure how Topher Grace fits the mold of brock though. Mark please weigh in with full nerdom

Chris I need to know how to get to or at least the name of the piggies restuarant in the poconos.

Ok update. Kate and will be closing on our first house March 26th. For those not informed it is Bryan and Evie Pittinger's place. We are excited but a bit stressed with packing, bills, planning, insurances, and a myriad of other things. Plus we have the excitement of purchasing right as the housing bubble readies to fully burst so I guess we aren't going anywhere for 10 years till prices are back up.

Kate is also applying for Grad school and should hopefully be starting this Fall. This means I will be cooking dinner everynight as well as minor cleaning. Boo. But I will also be watching the simpsons again yea.

My latest project has been planning the home theater in the basement. I just ordered my Optoma HD70 projector and upconverting Sony DVD player. Now to spend $500 on HDMI cables. For anyone in the market for a cheap HD projector you can't miss with the Optoma... the reviews are incredible...now if I'll just be able to mount it proper.

Has there been any talk of a get together weekend or anything. We would be interested in hanging out.

If Com classes at Etown taught me anything it is to end on a sad note, so as to depress and demoralize your listeners. My father was diagnosed a few weeks back with cancer in just about every part of his body, lung, rib, pelvis, spine, and brain. Prognosis is about 4-6 months however from what I'm seeing from his rapidly deteriorating condition it is going to be sooner than that. Life has been crazy as my bro had to rush his family of 5 home from Beijing for the next three months. My sister, brother and I have been trying to get together a last minute vacation and family photo and other things while there is still time. With that and the house we've been busy, but it's been good. I am thankful that I will get a chance to say goodbye and spend quality time with my whole family and I've been filled with a sense of peace. This will be the first major death I've had to deal with so I hope that I am able to deal with the grief and loss well enough. Right now I think about it in small doses and try not to dwell on it too much.

Well those are the major things, Kate and I hope to have visitors in the new house so please don't feel bad about inviting yourself over if you are in the area. I'll try to stay current with board happenins and even make a 173 joke here or there.

Best Regards,
Erik "Linthands (soon to be on YouTube)" Eberz

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