Friday, September 29, 2006


This ever happen to you

Well my streak of going to a hospital in every country i stay in longer than 48 hours continues. Yesterday I woke up because i wasn't breathing. My tounge had swollen up to the point where i had to push it down with my finger, and eventuially a spoon to survive. WHAT THE FUCK!!!

So not only do i go to the Hospital in everycountry i stay in longer than 48 hours. i go to the hospital in every country i stay in for longer than 48 hours for completly rediculous reasons.

Spain -- Mugged by Spanish assfaces - almost die due to head stomping. Thank you Chris Kelly for saving my life.

Japan #1 -- Vomitarrea (vomit and diarrrea at the same time) - stay in the Hospital for a freaking week because the doc thought i might have SARS*. Felt 100% better after two days. Two weeks later i saw on the net that Japan had its first SARS scare. I didn't even get credit for being the first SARS scare.  

Japan #2 -- Giant Tounge - Almost kills me, survive by quick spoon action**. The doctor asked me if i ate Pineapple (?!?!) I am better now, but my entire lip surface is covered in cold sores.

* Doctors in Japan are notorious for not changing their first diognosis, SARS symptoms have nothing to do with Vomiterra, but this Doc wasn't gonn change his mind.

**I prolly wouldn't have died, i could still breath... until i panicked... that is when i stopped breathing. I was saved by a spoon.

Thursday, September 28, 2006



I would like to apologize to everyone on this blog who does not care about fantasy football or the phillies. However if u dont care about the phillies then i prolly dont like u, sorry i am loyal to my sports teams. Anyways i really wanted to post to see if anyone had more finite plans for homecoming yet. I am trying very hard to get there and if i do would like to see everyone who is there. I already know that sat. morning i will actually be at Bucknell because Meghan has a Rugby game but fri, sat afternoon, and most likely sun ( to watch my brother sing) i will be around. Also on a side note my biochem prof was friendly with stephen colbert in college, thought that was pretty cool. Love you guys, later

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Long metro ride back

Dang Phils, the one night I get to go see them. Too many men left on base.


Muppet Matrix

Saw this funny video. The casting is great:


Did you ever have the feeling you were destined for something special?

Anyone catch Heroes on NBC? I did (or taped it), and I really liked it. They stringed together just enough pieces to convince me to watch next week.

And how about those Saints? Ridiculous, no? And McNabb had a great week, although my fantasy team is still in the crapper.

Monday, September 25, 2006



So originally I posted a 173, but since no one replied after 4 hours, I'll tell you this instead:
I submitting my one act play that I wrote over a year ago to a play publisher in April and had just given up on them in favor of another company because they hadn't replied. Well, I e-mailed the woman I had been in contact with today to let her know I had submitted it elsewhere, and she responded with this:

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the update! However, you might want to know that we have made a decision regarding "Take A Chance" and I sent contracts out to you on Friday! You should get them today or tomorrow! We hope to work with you!

So, in other words, MY SHIT IS ON THE ROAD TO GETTING PUBLISHED!!! Now when I tell people what I do, I can include "playwright" along with waiter, student, and professional molester.

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