Thursday, December 21, 2006


Great video

This is sort of in the style of Stella and Wet Hot American Summer.


Posting to the Blog

Hi all,

Google just revamped the blogger system, so I sent you all new invites in case you have any trouble logging in. You might have to create an account, but otherwise it should all be the same as before.

Happy Christmas!

Monday, December 18, 2006


Funny Madden Video

I was talking to Chris about this on the phone tonight -- it's about the guys who make those videos for the Madden commercials. Funny story and video, check it out:


Linds' party

So my flight gets in earlier than I thought Saturday evening, so I am planning on getting to Lindsay's eventually that night for the party (barring any crazy delay or security finding my 3.5 ounce bottle of toothpaste or something).
I decided to book it up there even if it's late, just so I can see you all! Are any of you still going?
Her house is very easy to get to. That address Kate gave is correct and it's just off the highway. (I-81).
Hope I (and you all) can make it!


Eagles Rule

Kinda dead around here, is it not? Said the nose to the kleenex, is it snot?

So the eagles are pretty fun to watch, especially when they beat the giants.

Also -- Struls and Marky mark, send me your school addresses -- I *might* be sending Christmas cards and they *might* already have postage on them and they *might* be waiting for you to email me where you live.

Also -- I miss everyone.

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