Friday, July 14, 2006


Remember this?

Jake and Strulson, remember this?


Spoiler Alert

Hey guys, I feel like I havent really talked to anyone at all recently and I feel like you have been all craving an update in the life that is Matthew K. Strulson. First off I would like to let it known that I am defending my Masters Thesis Monday, July 24th at 11 am, so most of my days have been used to prepare for it. I dont know how you english and communications majors did it college cause writing sux a crazy straw. I am officially moving out of Lewisburg on July 28th, and I am heading to St. Louis on August 12th. Which reminds me, my family is going to have some bbq thing or something like that Friday August 11th (not sure what time) but you are all invited to come on up or down depending on where you are coming from. And if you do come (HAHAHA!!!) bring a swim suit because our pool should be all redone by then. I also have a new email address out in ST.louis, but I cant remember it right now so that will have to wait ( Got to keep the audience wanting). If there anyother inquiries regarding my life feel free to ask, and if I feel they are good enough I may reply. Peace out BIATCHES!!!.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


So what you're saying is, it needs more pepper?

I just wrote and email to Steph and Erik/Kate, or EriKate, or KatErik, or whatever. I mentioned that Laurie has been steadily dropping hints about getting hitched, as much as she might protest when she reads this post. Let me provide an example:

Her engagement hints that are getting progressively more obvious. Just yesterday she cooked a jewelry catalogue into my chicken dinner. Like stuffed it right in there. I was midway through as drumstick when I pulled an order form out of my mouth. She just sat there smiling, and then said "Guess it needs more carrots."

I was like "Don't you mean carats?" And she just laughed. Then she told me we should get married. See what I mean? OBVIOUS!

So I guess I should probably ask her parents permission before I do anything, and knowing them, it'll probably boil down to a "feats of strength" test.

Mr. Cassel: Jake, I knew this day would come. To prove yourself worthy of mine daughter, you must...SLAY THE HYDRA!

Me: That's not a Hydra. It's a shopvac.

Mr. Cassel: Then explain it's many heads!

Me: Those are attachments.

Mr. Cassel: must use the hydra to CLEAN MY GUTTERS!

Me: That's it? Clean your gutters and I can propose to Laurie?

Mr. Cassel: That's it. Oh, and have your parents send over some downy.

Me: You mean a dowry?

Mr. Cassel: No, I mean downy, for my shirt is stiff and uncomfortable. Chaffing may occur, AND SOON.

So I'm not too worried about that part. Unless he reads this post. Then I'm screwed. But what are the odds Mr. Cassel will google "Jake engagement hydra shopvac"?


Mr. Cassel: BEHOLD. My google search has found 123,003,000 results!


College Humor

New College Humor

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Erik's first post in many weeks

Hey all, here's the deal: We are almost ready to send out the thank you cards for our wedding (etiquette states we have 12 months). Problem is all you suckers moved and no longer live at home with the parents. Don't worry Chris I "lost" your address so you could be included too.

Anyways hit me up with you current address so I can get rid of these things. You to Craig although I'm not sure how many stamps I need for international mail or if it's even possible without characters... Let me know I'm an ugly American.

Also Kate and I will be at the beach Friday night hopefully not too late but I'm sure traffic is going to suck hardcore. We will be leaving sometime Monday. The one year anniversary is on Sunday, so we'll be sleeping late Sunday morning and going out to dinner at night, but during the day we should be available. This means all super fun things should be done on Saturday. Just kidding do whatever you want. Jake will you be bringing Guitar Hero?

Also Phillies game, I have a free weekend next weekend. Are there any home games then and can anyone even go. If not just give my ticket to someone.

Strulson I would be insulted if you didn't stop by. Just give me a call that week to remind me. Also do you need all day tickets? I can get em for about 21 bucks. Let me know

Also Jake I am thinking about buying a Mac (i was fooling around with Ivideo and Garage band and it was indeed pretty sweet) Any tips on where to get a good deal? Also Jake when are you going to hang out for a weekend. Or when are you going to take me around the city?

I think that's all of the randomness for now. Oh yeah one last thing Jake we want to buy some proofs of your photo's. They look great.

PS here's a riddle, no internet cheating. Go to this site listen to the song Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya. What American movie is this song featured in?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Crying Game

I had my hopes up that I would be able to come home the first weekend in August to pick up my car and bring it back here. I planned on showing up at Chris's house to find someone probably naked and another person probably doing seal dives across the floor, staying a night before I had to come back home.
BUT, alas, I cannot. Instead I'm coming home a week earlier for just one night, turning right back around and driving out here, hoping my car does not die on the way.
Come the following weekend, if I'm not stuck on the side of the road in Alabama, I will be here in Texas crying, wearing black for mourning, and kicking small dogs that wander through the neighborhood, "damn it, little poochie, I'm missing beach weekend!!!" I will shout.
I hope you all have fun. I know you will. Since I'm not able to stay at all this time around, I'll probably come home Thanksgiving weekend which means that NONE OF YOU are allowed to leave the country, or even the East Coast Region (Craig, I guess you will be forced to move back to Yardley). If you do, the Gods of Texas I bring with me (Davy Crockett and some other dead white guys) will hunt you down and skin you like a racoon!
I leave you with that lovely, friendly thought.
I so wish I could be there. Please go streaking in the ocean for me. Leave your clothes on a post and pretend it's me holding them for you, as I stay nicely clothed.

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