Friday, January 19, 2007


A sonnet

Hey guys,
I got my first poem published! Sure, it's on collegehumor, but I'm proud nonetheless. Read it here.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Look at my baby!!

This is her. Her name is Sora and that means sky.

Here we are at a Shrine.
If you were girls you would be impressed by my fatherly ways and probably want me to father some, if not all, of your children. All i can hope is that some beautifl woman stumbles accross the Apimpment and sees this photo. Whith out seeing any photos of you guys. Then my chances are gone.

Monday, January 15, 2007


It's humid, he said

I have a brief quote in the Washington Post this week -- not for anything exciting, of course, but because I happened to be downtown in DC near a water main break. You might have to login to see the article.

My quote sounds kinda stupid upon reflection --

At the U.S. Botanic Garden, which was open but had to close its restrooms because of the water outage, Drew Saunders, 29, and Jake Landis, 24, said the lack of water wasn't a problem. They said they were there just to take pictures.

"But I did overhear people saying, 'Where's the water fountain?' because it's so humid inside," Landis said.

Kind of "these pretzels are making me thirsty" effect -- no matter how I say it, it doesn't sound right.


my weekend

I had a pretty eventful weekend. I went out to a Karaoke bar with one of my students. I wasn't too excited to go because he is a older gentleman and i wasn't sure how fun it was gonna be. But he is my student so i gave him a shot. The bar was a half snack bar and half karaoke place. Which means the Girls that work at the bar try to make you sing. I sang, i danced, i made new friends and have pictures of people whom i will never meet again. I was even propositioned by a woman... who was married... to a guy at the bar... who was totally cool with it.
My student was pretty cool, he was singing with me, and dancing like an old Japanese man, and he translated the proposition.
He left before me and that's when all the trouble happened. I called a taxi and left. The taxi dropped me off by my bike and i realized that I didn't have my book bag or my bike keys. In my drunken state i walked home. I called Dave to keep me company for the 10 min walk in the freezing cold. I got home and my door was locked... i couldn't unlock it because the apt keys were attached to my bike keys! Two seconds later my phones batteries die. So now i am stranded, drunk and i cannot call for help.
I walked back down the hill and went into the twenty-four hour restaurant near my house. I asked if there was a lock-smith open now. She said no. So i asked her to call the police.
When the police came they were absolutely no help. All they did was give me a list of phone numbers. I asked them to call now and they said i had to wait until 9. It was 3 am. I asked them where i should wait... they said they didn't know. Thank god for the waitress standing near buy. she told me i could stay there, and sleep.
So i curled up in a booth and slept for 5 hours. I woke up to find the restaurant was pretty full and everybody was staring at me. So i turned over and tried to fall back a sleep. I am not a violent person, but i wanted to kill the 10yr old that was screaming, keeping me awake.
9:00 sweet. i asked the waitress to call the locksmith and i walked back to my house to meet him. He ended up being the most crooked person in the world. First thing he asked me was if i had money. I said yes, he actually asked me how much I had... my spidey sense went off and i gave him a shrug of my shoulder to signify that i didn't understand the last question. we got to my door and, after about 25min, he couldn't open it. Luckily my neighbor was awake and came out to see what the noise was. Finally some luck.
He called the landlord to get the master key. Then the locksmith told me i owed him 30 bucks for coming out and doing nothing. I payed him... not because i liked him, and not because i thought it was right. Only because i don't know enough of the language to dispute him. I did make a noise to signify that i knew he was a crook though. That'll show him.

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