Saturday, October 22, 2005

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Friday, October 21, 2005


Friends in Japan...

Hey Craig -- I have two friends from high school living over in Japan and keeping blogs about it -- thye haven't updated in awhile, but it might bring back some good memories/get you excited about going back:

At least one of the two of them is teaching, also. They both went over without jobs (!) and had a person to stay with until they found work. Gutsy, but it seems like an amazing time. Plus, I've heard that all the girls there wear skirts and knee socks. It's like god said "this place needs more sexy" and suddenly BAM schoolgirls everywhere.

Laurie's gotta work this weekend so I'll probably post here way too much in the next couple days.


A long overdue apology

Remember how I made fun of most of you for your inability to email? I'm sorry.

That said, I just figured out how to post on this thing. Turns out I didn't realize you had to sign up, so I just kept scrolling up and down the page trying to figure it out. "There's no post button!" I cried. I came close to posting a comment to ask someone, but didn't want to appear desperate.

But I sure did figure it out! I love the phone call, I love the pictures, I love Lint Hands, and I love Craig, though I wish him no luck in Japan. That's contingent on me actually being in your will, though.

So as you see, I don't hate any of you. I was merely eating a bit of crow in the irony of my technological incompetance.

Alright all...good talk, I'll see you out there.


Thursday, October 20, 2005


Mark Fleming

Better post on this blog soon, or I am retracting our friendship (which includes taking back the super secret rings we bought during that one wild weekend in wisconsin).

In other news, I saw Louis Black tonight. He was pretty funny, but Erik would have hated everything that came out of his mouth except, maybe, his breath (which was minty and delicious). He bashed republicans, creationism, democrats, Christianity and tall skinny kids. He was pro red-hair, which Mark would appreciate if he didn't totally hate us.

I've never wanted to go to sleep as bad as right now.


P.S. Bueno fortuna, Craig!


saying it for the last time... again

I told you guys before... but this time I mean it. I am going to Japan! I am filling out applications to 3 different programs today at work. If i get accepted you won't see me for a year, unless you come visit. Wish me luck. (if anyone replies to this and writes, "good luck craig," you are out of my will)



I can't believe you chose "lint hands" as your name. Welcome to eventual regretville, population: Erik.

Here's the guy who beat you to the linthands idea:

Oh, and for future reference: THE REJECT PILE


someone stole my best idea

Linthands user ID was already taken. WTF who gave away my movie masterpiece...Was it you Bart?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Phone Blog

Jake totally said "bye" to a blog at the end of his message.


Beer sausage, beer beans, beer potato, beer cake, beer salad and beer.

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God, I miss Dennis so much. Does anyone remember what his late-season replacement was named?

Homecoming was a good time. Who knew Vicky could capture the essence of Yoshi so completely? She must have studied Stanivslasky to prepare for the role.

Now you guys can finally stop saying that I never puked in Amanda Brunish's apartment. I went in there and things were bad. The room was spinning, the birds were singing, and one of her roommates decided to make chocolate chip cookies at 2 in the freakin' morning. If you've never smelled chocolate chip cookies baking while drunk, I'd advise against it. Instant ralphage.

Man, why did that girl think my name was Ralph? (For those of you who missed the story, I angrily asked a girl what my name was after she knew Strulson, and she responded "Ralph?") Do I look like a Ralph and you guys just never told me? There is only one Ralph as far as I'm concerned, and he was named king of England after an unfortunate photography accident took out all of the British royalty. Hey, it could happen. Be careful where you point that camera, Jake. We could have a new monarchy on our hands.

If there was a Carlos and Charlies around me, I'd weigh as much as Laura's left foot. In other words, 600 pounds. Viva la mini tacos!

Can't wait to do it again next year, where we'll be even older and more out of place.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


A couple of notes...

Ok, so Craig didn't live in the apartment. Turns out that was Mark. Guess I should have fact-checked before I started.

Second point of notice -- Erik doesn't have a picture. This is because he is married and his pictures are half Kate's.

I predict Strulson will post before Christmas but after Thanksgiving. I'm willing to start a pool if anyone wants.

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