Monday, September 10, 2007


Crazy Camden Yards Experience

I work with a ton of Red Sox fans, so I joined them for a trip up to Camden Yards to see yesterday's day game. Orioles versus Red Sox, Beckett pitching, so sounded entertaining. We grabbed a block of tickets in left field, about five rows back from the field. It was one of the first time I've sat in true home run territory -- kind of freaky to see the balls flying out towards you.

All was good through the 6th inning -- entertaining game, although a bit hot in the 90+ weather in the sun. Then a series of events happened rather quickly -- a dropped cheeseburger brought the mood down a bit. Then the Orioles' Nick Markakis hit a homerun to my section, about three rows in. The guy two seats in front of me put his hands up to catch it, but missed and it nailed him in the face. Here's a still of the scene:

You can just barely make out my face directly under the Boston scorebox. The guy dropped like a bag of rock salt onto the seats, and the Orioles medics came out pretty quickly to check on him. He was down for a little while, but eventually was helped out of the stadium to be checked on.

I've been to a ton of games this season between Nats and Os and even a Dodgers trip in there, but this is the first time in my life I've ever witnessed someone really drilled by a hit, much less a homerun. It was pretty intense, and the mood afterward never really lightened because we were all wondering if the guy was okay (and if so, did he at least get the ball?)

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