Friday, July 28, 2006


Stepping up in the world

I just got the internet to work in my "rabbit apartment" today. Now i can finally see the videos and pictures that you guys put up on this site. Also this Saturday night I am not going out because I want to put my pictures on my site. I will be using the same site as Jake. Flicker, i like the presentation and i want to be able to see your comments.

Jake, is it going to be a problem if i can't change the size of my pictures? They are pretty huge coming out of my digital camera.

This past weekend I went out drinking like I was in Sapporo. I used my Gaijin Power and became the most popular guy in everybar I stopped in.. I have good pictures of people i don't even know and i have new phone numbers in my phone and i don't recall which number goes to which girl... It was awesome! Also my next two weekends are set. This weekend I am going sailing, swimming, and harpoon fishing in the Inland Sea (that is where the Tae-po-dong missles landed) and then next weekend I am going white water rafting.

Erik might come visit me in October and if anybody else wants to come or atleast has an interest, let me know, i have the whole trip planned out with an estimated cost, i can send it out to you lick-a-dee split.

Time to go teach some horrible english to unsuspecting short folk.


Monday, July 24, 2006


I'm Rich Biatches!!!

Ok maybe not, but I did earn my Masters degree today! Just thought I'd post that incase anyone cares, and if you dont then I will use my degree to show I am better than you.



173 lawn mowers.

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