Thursday, May 31, 2007


Happy birthday princess!


New Pics

I put up a whole bunch of pictures of Japan: pictures from Kochi Prefecture, a day trip with Roo, some karaoke, and Kazura Bashi (bridge of vines)

I will try and put up some pictures from Nepal when i get home.

ps. I love you all

Monday, May 28, 2007


Yet Another Update

Hey everyone -- so I just got in from a week in Cape Cod with my family, which was really nice, and it seems like everyone has left a message (which is even better!). I feel like I should probably be the guy to grind the party to a halt, so here goes.

I guess the biggest news is that Laurie and I have split up -- I think both of us have been unhappy for a long time; me because I was planning on Laurie moving in with me after a year or two living about an hour apart, and her because I guess her plans changed.

I might sound a little bitter, but that'll fade in the coming months I'm sure, as otherwise life is pretty good. Work is still going really well and I think I'm going to be apartment hunting for the fall, so I'm looking forward to a change of venue. My mom's been on this really successful diet and lost like 90 pounds in the past year, so I'm really happy for her. My dad is kicking my butt in fantasy baseball, so I'm begrudingly happy for him. My brother and sister are both doing well, and I'm still taking photos and trying to figure out just where life is going to take me.

I want to echo Chris' sentiments and say how much I miss all of you -- life after college has its rewards and challenges, but i still think of you all as my second family. If you didn't catch it in Erik's message, I think he's willing to let us trash his beautiful new house later this summer, and I wouldn't miss it for the world.



Hey guys! Thanks, everyone, for posting updates. I know it may seem silly to some of you, but I for one read every word and enjoy hearing what everyone is up to, now that we're so far away. As I knew would happen, it's so hard staying in touch now that we're all spread around the country (and the globe, with Craig). I really miss having everyone as a daily part of my life, so it just cheers me up to hear from you guys. You're all the best.


My turn

Ok here i go. just like the rest of us i am also very busy. Other than making inappropriate comments to friends, I'm working alot and i am getting ready to leave the country that was my home for over a year. I leave in two weeks! It is a bitter sweet moment. I want to get home to see you guys and start moving in my life, but i also met some awesome friends here that i will miss, not to mention that i have a girlfriend that i have to say goodbye to. She is coming to visit in October and stay awhile so she can experience the 4 big holidays in America. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

This year has been one of the best years of my life. Not only have i gotten some great, resume boosting, experience that i recieved working out here. But i have done some stuff that i will never get the chance to do again, Played on vine bridges, seen amazing gardens, shrines, and temples, met and shook hands with dolphins, held a baby tiger, pet a baby lion, rode a boat into one of the biggest whirlpools in the world, touched the Pacific for the first time at Ashizuri, Traveled to Nepal where i walked though the jungle, played with an Elephant in a river, rode an elephant through the jungle to see Rhinos. And in two weeks i will start my trip to China where i will spend a whole month adding more amazing things to this list. I absolutely, wholeheartedly, recommend something like this for everybody. Especially for you guys in school who haven't started your careers yet, even if you have started, it might not be too late.

I will be landing in Philadelphia July 6th. I don't have any plans to get a job soon and i wanna see a whole bunch of people. Send me an email to let me know where you will be!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

It's fun to read everyone's updates, and I'm adding one of my own. Like Jake, I feel that my own life is boring, but Erik tells me it's not, so I will share with the rest of you. I just realized that both Erik and I are doing this at the same time- so you'll probably all get to read the same stories twice, but oh well.
It has been fun being home owners. The mortgage part is not as fun, but coming home to an entire house with multiple rooms and open space has been wonderful. I feel very spoiled to have all of this, and I know that we are incredibly blessed to have been able to buy this home. There are lots of little projects we need to work on now, but even that is kind of fun.
Work has been exhausting lately. I've been in the adoption unit for about six months now, but I kept several of my cases where the biological parents are still involved, and we are nearing the point where their rights will be terminated and I will start working on adoptions for those kids, which can be an emotionally trying time. It also seems that I have some kind of bad effect on all of the new families I got to work with, when kids are in homes that are supposed to be potentially adoptive. In several cases, when I have gone out to meet with the family and explain the adoption process, they have told me they don't want to adopt and what the child out of their home asap. Fun! And by fun I mean incredibly stressful- but the good news is that I am finally getting to work on a handful of adoptions that are actually going well!
We've been spending a lot of time with family, and next weekend we're heading up to my hometown for the Relay for Life event. It has a special meaning for me, because family friends of ours started a team in memory of my mom, and this year it has a special meaning for Erik too, so it will be good to see friends and camp out on the lawn of my old high school.
For fun, I've been going to Karaoke just about every week. Usually I go alone, which sounds lame (and it could very well be) but it has been fun because no one I know actually has to hear me.
I'm also planning on going to grad school in the fall. I'm either going to Temple or Widener (I haven't made up my mind yet) to the Harrisburg program. I'll be working full-time and going to school part-time which should make for an interesting 2 years, but my work is paying for it, so I will do my best not to complain. I'll be getting my Masters Degree in Social Work, which hopefully will allow me to do jobs I will really love in the future- after I "repay" my time at the Agency, so I'll be there for at least three more years.
Erik and I also wanted to extend an invitation to you to come visit- but apparently he's writing about that, so I won't make you read it twice. Also, remember that if you are coming to Homecoming this year, you are more than welcome here, and we actually have room this year!!!
I miss you all!


Finally Erik Has Returned

Well hello all I guess I need to post an update as well or face the wrath of Chris.

I am still working at RMS occasionally selling reprints. We recently had a reorg where they let go 3-4 sales people and some support staff. Then a few more people quit. This was all about a month before our busiest time of year, so suffice to say I have been just buried in work. I have also had some differing opinions than management on some of our core practices, which has made things a bit tense at times.

On a positive note I recently got to visit Chi-town on business. On Monday attended the National Restaurant Association show which is absolutely massive (if you have been to the auto show in Philly someone told me it's about 1.5 times larger). Strulson would have loved it because there are samples of everything including full size hot dogs from all the major vendors. I had a pork and beef "twist" dog...which you should be seeing realitivly soon.

My dad is doing pretty well with the cancer and treatments. He's shaved his head and it actually looks pretty good. I am convinced that 75% of it is mental. The weather's been good and the prognosius has been realitively positive so he is trucking along. I have a feeling though if on his next check up this week they say it has spread his health could change just like that.

Kate and I have remained busy visiting with friends and family on weekends and even during the week. Factor in a lot of overtime hours and we actually haven't spent much time in the new house...which is fine because we're going to be here for awhile. Along those lines Kate and I wanted to extend an invitation to everyone to come up and hang out for a few days. We don't have an ocean or anything but we do have a decent deck with grill, a few couches, and a theater room, plus all of the attractions of the greater Lancaster region. If anyone is interested just leave a post and I will pick an arbitrary date and we'll see if we can get something that will work out for everyone. Also anyone is welcome to stop by on their own if they are in the area...just let us know when you'll be around.

Kate's posting now, so I imagine she will fill in any blanks I missed.


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