Thursday, February 08, 2007


Why ask Why

Wasup ya'll?(ya'll whered u learn to speak like that?) I was informed by Mr. Richman that, and i believe this is a direct qoute, I should stop being a turd nugget and actually do something blog related. Despite the insult, I feel that perhaps the young man is right so here I am. As an update on my life, I am still in St.Louis and had a rough time last semester so I need to do very well this semester to stay in St.Louis. I will be back in PA on Feb.16th, but I am heading up to Bucknell to celebrate Valentine's Day with Meghan. Anyone who wants to come see the gateway to the west is more than welcome to come on out, just give me a heads up, I even have a fouton u can sleep on. Lets see what else is there, ummm, well not much really, i do lots of school work and talk to my gf and thats kinda my life right now. Hope everyone else is doin well, feel free to give me a call or im me or hatemail me (Mr. Richman). Does anyone else here enjoy the Sarah SIlverman program? I am excited for the 2nd episode tonight. And well I miss u guys. Peace!!!!

Monday, February 05, 2007


I should do this for a living

So, as you guys, I'm sure, remember, we made predictions before the season started as to who would end up winning the super bowl. I'm proud to say I'm the only one to get it right, correctly predicting that the Colts would beat the Bears. Booya! See the original predictions here.

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