Friday, November 25, 2005


Chuck Norris

Another random find: here
Happy Black Friday.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


It's pretty sad when...

You have no free time. My weeks work out so that from Monday morning until 9:30 Thursday night, I'm either tutoring, writing, sitting in class or reading pretty much non-stop. This is the only time I can write my fantasy football shit, since i have to wait for the Sunday results and send my crap off on Wednesday afternoon.

I know I'm busy because I now view two very basic functions, eating and shitting, as leisure moments. I am working non-stop at work (a novel idea, i know) and only pause for the ten minutes it takes to purchase and eat two Philly soft pretzels. I usually devote an hour to dinner where I try to have conversations, but usually only manage to grumble between bites. When I shit, I take the opportunity to either read something light or just veg out. I'm worried that soon I will have to eat and shit at the same time to save precious minutes.

I quit.

Monday, November 21, 2005


Real World 101 with Laurie

This past weekend I was really proud to have my best friend finally visit my new digs for the first time. It was sort of a monumentous occassion because, well, I really didn't consider my apartment in Palmyra to be much of anything (since it was in the middle of no where and I wouldn't want anyone troubling themselves to visit me in such a boring, barren place). So in the midst of being excited to show off the apartment, I wanted to show off my newfound independence and instead of eating at one of the 50 restaurants (no lie) in the shopping center on mega-steriods by me, I opted to make dinner.

I spent most of the morning/early afternoon on Saturday "preparing" dinner. In the adult world when you "plan" dinner ahead of time you don't merely "make" it, you "prepare" it. I think that's how it goes. Anyways for the guys reading this - JAKE IN NO WAY HELPED ME COOK. (For the ladies - he makes a mean bechamel sauce).

For the rest of the day we did "grown up" activities - had the grand tour of the apartment, drove around the countryside and historic city of Fredericksburg - just taking in the sites of where Civil War battles raged on many, many moons ago.

The grown upness of the day came to a halt, however when we rampaged through Toys 'R Us for the best game to play & a convenient stop at Giant for some Corona. (To everyone back in PA - haha...we can get alcohol anywhere, anyday, any time).

By this time we were starving. With my roommate and her boyfriend joining us for dinner we had to adjust the dining schedule. So we snacked on stuffed mushrooms & string cheese (appetizers of the kings). And in the middle of all of that the fire alarm in the apartment goes off. Nothing was burning or smoking - it just decided to completely embarrass me & show my neighbors that while I'm an independent 24 year old - I cannot cook. LIES! We did find out an interesting, but annoying fact - even if you take the battery out of the fire alarm & disconnect it from the ceiling - it can still make that horrible, awful noise.

Besides the fire alarm fiasco, dinner went well - Jake only stuck one asparagus spear up his nose & by that measurement, my friends - it was a good night. I do think this grown up thing is hitting me a little too fast though - because we ended up doing an ice cream run to Friendly's, played a game of Scattegories (where Jake argued the definition of hero to 3 girls) & all fell asleep watching SNL.

Sniff, I miss college.



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