Saturday, June 17, 2006


I am so Excited ( and its obvious to everyone)

I am pretty sure thats how the song goes. Why am I excited? Well mention of the beach trip just a few posts ago really got me geared up. I was thinking and besides Richman I havent really seen any of you guys in a while, and well that sux. So I just hope everyone is prepared to get a great big Man Hug when I see you. Sorry for the sappy post but you know what I am man enough to be in touch with my emotions, although sometimes I wish my emotions would touch back. I will talk to you all later, and remember "viva la apimpment 255"

Thursday, June 15, 2006


New Post

Hey guys. Latest post on the ol' blog here. Love to know what should be improved/whether it's funny or not before I try to get it linked places.


Kate' midnight ramblings posted the next morning

I have no creative titleI am inspired by Steph's post to also write. I usually only include myself by way of Lint Hands, but he is in bed right now, and I'm still jacked up on coffee. That means that I'm the unruly combination of jittery and bored... which means I feel like rambling. So my one true question is what is happening with the beach weekend? If we do end up going over the 6th I am fully expecting a flower and a night of passi..... I mean a nice dinner from each of you men. I've been preparing myself for this weekend and I am now in full training mode. I had a drink a few weeks ago to build up my tolerance, and I make Erik practice 173 and Hey Waiter with me regularly because I am convinced that I can train myself funny. (Let's face it, we all had a secret desire to wear the Mad Cow black and white). In addition I have been practicing my filing skills for sorting the reject pile and my shoveling skills for all of the B.S. I'm sure I'll hear. Please don't let this training go to waste... hearken to my pleading and schedule a trip! If we go I promise I'll teach you all about the training I'm going to tomorrow. "Intake and Assessment". Then you too can be educated on topics such as "asking the right questions", "gathering information", and the ever popular, "how not to be so naive about the fact that many people use drugs and lie to you about it on a regular basis". Good times! Steph, I began this post with you, and I will end it with you. I miss you!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


the apimpment in 1000 words

As part of the many things they make you do once you get a teaching job but before you actually are getting paid, this week I began something called the "New Jersey Writing Project of Texas" today. Yes, that's two states in one name. Luckily I like both, though I like New Jersey better I believe.
Anyway, it's a three-week all-day course where basically they teach you what they think are revolutionary teaching and writing process techniques, but are really just more of what I already learned in college.
I do, however, get to write A LOT. I have started about 10 pieces just in the last three days, only a few of which I'll even attempt to polish, but today I began one on Apt 255. I have a lot of work to do on it, but we were told to make a floor plan of a place special to us and I have no idea why, but I thought about the apimpment since I spent a year living there and the year before pretending I was cool enough to live there. Then in each room we were supposed to jot down memories. I had so many for the apimp/whorement that I just knew I had to turn it into something.
It will probably turn into some memoir where I say it's all true but then I go back on Oprah to say I didn't exactly have 29 wild passionate nights with any of the apt inhabitants (just that one crazy drunken time with Leanne).
Perhaps if it's halfway decent or if I do anythign with it, I'll post it or send you all a copy.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Sneak Peak

Here's a sneak peak at my next OneEggShy post. Making this picture took me much longer than it should have. What can I say...I'm no Jake.


The waiting is the hardest part

While I've yet to see what I'm sure is the delightful romp "Waiting," I will say that I think Ryan Reynolds is annoying. (Them's fighting words as far as Strulson is concerned). I haven't worked long enough to be able to say what's true and what isn't...

I've known a lot of waiters and waitresses, however, and they've all ensured me that they've never seen people spitting or pooping on food or rubbing entrees on their naughty bits. I'm sure it happens, but it would take a lot for anyone that I either for either me or anyone I know to do it. It doesn't happen if you send back food, trust me.

As for my first night--it was tough. I only had three tables the entire night and all the food and drinks were free, but I still felt like I was a madman sprinting everywhere I went. What makes it worse is that we have trainers watching our every move, which is both good and bad: good because when you have a question, they'll answer it; bad because they watch and critique every thing you say/do/scratch. Tonight is the first night we're open to the general public, so it will be a better test.

One of the funny things is that I constantly see Red Sox Man and Jester Man while working. Dr. General Manager hasn't been around much because he's focused more on another store. Every once in a while my trigger finger gets a little itchy, but I am usually able to salve my mega-urges.

Training was probably more interesting than the actual work, and i'll go into that in another post. For now I'm working on a new post for my other blog which I'm looking to post in a few hours. Stay tuned!

Laura rules.


So Chris

How was your first night waitering? Cause my brother told me all about that documentary movie "Waiting" and I want to know if it's true.

Monday, June 12, 2006


Back from Vacation

Just to keep the video onslaught rolling -- here's a montage of my family's rafting trip from the past week. We had an old-fashioned family vacation down in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. It was pretty fantastic, but now it feels like I have a thousand and one things to catch up on.

Also, I picked up the venture bros. dvds over the weekend. They are incredibly awesome.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Blast from the past

A few things: who remembers this?

Also, watch this guyl. He's amazing:

Tomorrow I wait tables for the first time at the new place. Wish me luck.

Where's everyone been?

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