Friday, September 01, 2006


Hello, Ghost Town

This place has been pretty quiet, other than a lovely update from Craig. How are you guys doing? Mark, you back at school? Struls, how'd the move go? All settled in? Chris, you ready for our second-annual week one matchup? Erik, what are your feelings on Stallworth?

I'm heading home for some of the weekend to see family and to try and unglue myself from promoting this video contest. If you get a chance, post!

sup dawgs, I am alive and in St.Louis, I am actually going to be in Bucknell for the weekend, and I will finally be getting my own computer in like 2 weeks or so, so I should be around alot more then. I do have a question though, who all is going to homecoming?
Oh and Jake sorry I tried to vote for your video but the computers here dont have the proper program to display the web page
No prob Struls, if you get a chance to use a computer that can display flash, I'd appreciate it. Good to know you're doing alright.

I'm gonna try to make it to homecoming, guess it's still a bit early to know for sure.
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