Saturday, September 23, 2006


What to do with the money

So, as we all know, Jake was a finalist in the Take 5 competition and took home a cool $500. Now I say we help him decide how to spend it.

My first suggestion: buy 100 Take 5 bars to use as fake turds around the office. Leave them in unlikely places; the copy machines, people's draws, co-workers mouths. It'll be like that scene in Caddyshack (which Matlack watched, naked) where Bill Murray takes the bite of the turd.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Funny pic

Saw these on a forum, thought they were funny.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This one is for Jake

I have sent Jake an email about this, but i really want him to do this so i am going to tell you guys and hope the many comments peer pressure him into it.

In a mall righ by my work thwy have an Art Hall. The Art Hall is where local artist put up their work to show it off. Most of the time it is Photographers, their photos are always a big hit and whenever they add new pictures crowds of mall goers slow down to gaze and comment on the works.

I want to put some of Jake's photos up there, thats how strongly i feel about his photography skillz. It will be fun. He will be a true artist who has had an exibit... in Japan. He can get comments from people in Japanese.. then translated by me and my friends (mostly my friends). If he wants he might be able to sell some prints.

All he needs to do is select what pictures he wants. I think I can get them printed out here... or Developed out here if you want to send negatives. I will do most of the work and Jake will be famous. All i ask is that when he becomes a multi-millionare photographer he chucks me a lil pocket change... or he gives me the toilet paper money, thats all i ask... som TP bills.

What do YOU think he should do?

Monday, September 18, 2006


Drumroll please...

...and, I didn't win. Ah well, no more using $ as toilet paper, and using toilet paper as dog toilet paper.

Thanks for the well-wishes, it was fun while it lasted. I dunno who actually won, but after obsessing over this for the past couple weeks, I'm not sure I really care.

I'm off to get drunk and yell at pedestrians. In the meantime:

Vikings 2-0
Jake 2-0
Phillies 1 game back




173 pink slips.


Better Belated than Bnever

Happy Birthday Craig!

(What a ridiculously short post. In fact, I have to add this extra section just to make it seem longer. Because really, I know I'll get ragged on for making a post only three words long. But I think it's rude to spend three words on Craig's escape from the womb, and the rest on how my life is going, so I don't want to post that until a bit later. However, I don't feel bad about complaining about sports in the same post as Craig's birthday wishes. How 'bout the Eagles blowing a 24-7 lead? I watched the beginning and end of the game with a Giants fan. I'd have punched him in anger, but he's about a foot taller than me. The Akers fight was pretty cool though. Reminded me of a bar brawl. Like the one Craig wrote about. Remember Craig? He's the reason for this post, after all.)

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