Monday, May 05, 2008


Happy birthday, Mark!

You're officially an old bastard! How's it feel?

Ha, you have less than a month until you're officially an old bastard too!

It feels terrible. But I hate my birthday as it is.

Speaking of which, did anyone hear/Facebook-stalkingly-find-out that Lindsey is engaged?
Yeah, what's the deal with that?
Guess we'll never know.
My question shall forever wallow in the vast emptiness of the internets.
Such is life in 2008. We have so much information, but so few reasons why.

I haven't talked to her in at least a year, other than a random message here and there. Certainly not enough to ask for details.

Further Facebook stalking has revealed Ally is also engaged. What am I doing with my life?!
Specifically, I'd say your posting on this blog. Beyond that I really can't answer.

The closest I've come to the word "engage" is when I dreamt I was captain picard.
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