Thursday, November 16, 2006


Are you cold Chris?

Hi Chris, it's Kate. Have you realized that winter is quickly approaching and you have no outer wear to ward off the elements? In other words, your coat remains at our house, but don't worry, I'm not throwing it on the floor or using it to dust the furniture. I just wondered how and when you want it back. To everyone else, Hi! I don't have a whole lot to say- I'm doing my first adoption in December, which will be fun. I also really want a baby kitten.

If you get a kitten now your first adoption will be in November.

If a kitten is a baby cat... what is a baby kitten. It is too cute, my is gonna explode!
I'm cold, yes, but I also have other jackets. I'll get it from you the next time I see you; don't worry about it for now.

I'm also thinking of getting a kitty, but I'm allergic to some. Craig, what kind of cat is Gizmo? I don't seem to be allergic to him.
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