Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Photo Prints

delicate strength

I know I've offered to make prints before, and you've all been kind enough to show some interest -- well, I think my latest batch is probably my best work, so if anyone is still interested, drop me a line.

It looks great, Jake. It almost looks like a really well-done painting. Was there a lot of editing or was it in the development process?
Actually, this one is digital -- I bought an infrared lens, so it blocks out all light by infrared (making everything, well, dark and red). This means I leave the shutter open for a really long time and get a lot of detail. I'm pretty psyched about the results -- it was photo of the week on dcist.com, a Wash DC blog.

BTW, tossed my check in the mail today.
I think it's really cool Jake. Keep them coming.
This one is nice.. but i still like the other one the best (i commented on flickr). I don't really have the artiscit eye that you guys have though. Did you get my email about the exhibition?
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