Thursday, September 07, 2006


The Life and Times of Matthew K. Strulson

Hey whats up party people? So I want to start off with a question for the guys in the house (say YEA!!), have you ever gotten the "pins and needles" feeling in your balls? It totally happened to me yesterday after I rode one of those exercise bikes for 20 min. It was the scariest shit ever, at first I thought it was my cell phone goin off just cause it had a weird tingle to it, but then I realized my cell phone was in my bookbag. Once I realized what it was I tried to think of ways to get rid of it, but slapping my balls on a table didnt sound all that great, so instead I tried to discretely poke at them to make the feeling go away. Sorry if that was too graphic, if you need to go to the bathroom and "relieve yourself" now is prolly a good time to do that.
Other than my tingly balls things out here in St. Louis have gone pretty good, my apartment is nice, please feel free to visit, except for the road by my apt has some metal plate on it and everytime a car goes over it it sounds like someone is knocking on my door. Now I know most the time its the cars, but like every 5 min I go check to see if anyone is at the door (and there is never anyone there). Things are already busy for me, but I did get a chance to visit bucknell last weekend which was nice to be able to visit Meghan. There is also a chance right now that I may be at Etown for homecoming since I have Fall break that weekend, still not 100% sure on this but its def a possibility. Well this has gotten too long and I am hungry so later.

I guess the metal plate is better than the phantom knock that your heard every 5 min in your etown apt. I think jake enjoyed that the most.
I have been exercising semi- regularly and the "aero-bike" has yet to give me a tingle, twinge, tickle, or tap-tap-taparoo in my balls. Make sure your balls a re securely set away from your leg while in motion... you might be pinching it.
I am totally coming to visit you when i come home... i dunno when that is yet but i will be there.
There's really nothing I can add to this post to increase it's hilarity -- I laughed out loud at work.

I've had that pins and needles feeling in my balls for the past 4 years. On a completely unrelated matter, Laurie and I will have been dating for about 4 years this fall.
Thanks alot Jake.

Strulson - while I did find your post about the knocking at the door very amusing - I could have done without your "pins and needles." ;)

I, too, rode an exercise bike yesterday at the gym - but no pins and needles for me. I know Chris will say something witty about that - but that's why I posted it.

Miss you guys! (I need to post more)
", too, rode an exercise bike yesterday at the gym"
I didn't know they had stationary tricycles.

I've gotten the pins and needles in the testicles's sometimes known as a tingle in your jingles. What I ususually do when it happens is take my balls out and yell at them in public to humiliate them for being so weird.
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