Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Hey Chris

Dude, I willsend a check as soon as I actually get checks (I opened a new bank account out here and have not received any yet). I will eventually write a longer post on here, but I have class in like 6 min, and counting. I just wanted to ask what the hype is on the phillies right now in Philly. ESPN sux and never really covers them so I would like to know what you guys think, personally I hope they make it to the playoffs cause they'll likely play ST. Louis, which means I am finding a way to get playoff tix. OK PEACE!

The hype might have something to do with Ryan Howard, the one man homerun machine. I really think they can take the wildcard if the pitching holds up.
I should add that if you do find a way to get playoff tickets, I will find the first flight out to St. Louis.
To be honest, people are still pretty tentative. It's mostly a "here we go again" attitude--like, they want to get excited, but they don't want to be dissappointed.

As for Howard and Utley, the entire city is in love with them. When i'm at work and Howard comes up to bat, people stop what they're doing to watch. There's a lot of talk about how he could break the natural home run record, and debate about him vs. Pujols for MVP.

I'm going to the game tonight with my bro and mom, so it should be good.
Chris did you watch the first game on Sunday when Howard hit three homers and went 4for4? I thought the kid in the stands would run out of homerun tshirts. FYI Struls -- this kid in the stands had to keep updating his shirt with Howard's season total, but by the third shot, they had to turn the first shirt inside-out.
Oh man, I wish I got the games here...

Hopefully they play well this weekend while I'm in Jersey. Chris, your check will go out in the mail in the morning.
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