Monday, December 05, 2005



Hey Steph, on your 22nd birthday, here's hoping it's glorius. If you had this kid with you, I know it would be the best birthday ever.

I thought we could all contribute one special Steph memory.

I remember the time you knocked the phone in the recylcling bin and tried hanging up the beer in the phone charger. I know you did it on purpose, which is what made it so wonderful.

Miss you!


Ha the funny thing about that memory is that when it happened (the phone got knocked down), I remember thinking, "it'd be funny to replace it with a beer bottle" and then thinking, "nah... that's too much." So I went for the phone, and then at that moment one of you did something, I got distracted and thought I had the phone and actually had the beer bottle. I can remember thinking, "Oh god! Now they'll think I did that on purpose." Then thinking, "but you didn't steph, you didn't."
I used to take comfort in that fact. Ooh, life and its great great irony.
My favorite steph memories stem from the long nights in the Etownian. Trying to nail one night down in particular is difficult -- she fell off her chair so many different times I can't keep them all straight. I think the best time was when we tried to duplicate one of the twins on campus to cover my presence in a photo. As a rule, Etownian staff weren't supposed to appear in article photos. In this case, however, the only junior senior pic we had available had a picture of me in the background. To cover this, we photoshopped one of the twins over my face to make it appear both twins were in the picture. Dammit, now I can't remember the twins' names.

Unfortunately, the picture was banned from use. But still a good memory.

That story sucked. I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.
I'll never forget the time when Steph met my sister. Debbie turned to her with a floater (crossing one eye and keeping the other one straight) and Steph started laughing! Then she realized that my sister could have a potentially disturbing eye problem that she couldn't control and she apologized profusely.

Good times.

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